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Support Coordination

Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC is an approved Support Coordinator Agency for the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities Medicaid based Supports and Medicaid Waiver programs. We have been providing Support Coordination and Support Brokering services to people in the Self-determination program since 2001.

As Support Coordinators we help people with disabilities and their families create a plan of service and state funded budget. We also help them identify and access providers that can deliver the services the client and their families are interested in securing. We also monitor the person to insure the implementation of the plan meets the clients approval, and when it does not, we work with the client and family to make the necessary changes. We have significant experience working with job coaching agencies, care support agencies and other organizations offering services to people with developmental disabilties.

We also provide similar services on a private pay basis to people with physical disabilities, mental illness and seniors. These services include:

  • Care Coordination
  • Budget Creation and Bill Paying
  • Staffing
Many people with disabilities need assistance in living independently. Families need support in caring for their family member at home. We act as personal care coordinators hired by the person with disabilities and their family to assist them in achieving their life goals. We meet regularly with our clients and families to refocus on goals and to review outcomes. We create periodic written updates for the person, family and where appropriate and approved other members of the Circle of Support (Job Coaches, Therapists and Case Managers) so everyone is working together.
We help the person with disabilities create an annual budget that helps the person achieve the maximum independence and support. The budget earmarks revenues from work, Social Security payments, family and other government subsidies to each expense item. We meet regularly with our clients and their families to monitor expenses and adjust the budget when appropriate. If requested, we also assist the person or family with bill paying.
Many of our clients and their families need to hire Personal Assistants to provide the necessary supports to live independently or to provide the proper care at home. We assist our clients and their families in finding, hiring and training new staff. When necessary we also resolve any disputes that may occur.
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