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Transition Planning Consulting

While everyone has to deal with transitions in life, transition planning refers to the process of insuring that students with disabilities effectively transition to a productive and fufilling post school life. Some students with disabilites may attend college, other students may choose to work, while others may need some type supported day activity. Often students with disabilities need ongoing and lifelong support to effectively transtion to post school life.

Unfortunately, the rights based system of public education is entirely different from the eligibility based world of the social service system. Students with disabilties do not automatically receive services from the social service system when they graduate. Students must apply and be found eligible for social service supports. In addition, some supports, such as, social security have employment income limitations that, if exceeded, could jeopardize the person with disabilities social security benefit access to important state services, such as, Medicaid and Medicaid funded programs and services.

Students With Disabilities

Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC provides consulting services for people with disabilities and their families so they can effectively navigate the post school world of social service supports. We identify what services students are eligible for and work with them and their families to secure these supports. We provide a level of expertise that would take clients and their families years to acquire.

In addition, for families eligible for services from the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), we can assist them in completing an Essential Lifestyle Plan (ELP) so they can transition to post school services with the minimum of transition down time. Finally, we can take the anxiety out of the transition planning process so families can feel confident they have accessed most, if not all, of the available social services.

Please contact us so we can help your loved one can transition to a an appropriate post-school life with the minimum of transition down time while obtaining the maximum supports available to them.

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