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Support Coordination Agencies Ask for Support for Rate Increase


Time to Right the Rate 

Call the Governor 

Support Coordination Agencies seek to hire and retain the highest quality support coordination possible. The initial rate for Support Coordination in the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Fee for Service system was based on a high school diploma. However, DDD and job responsibilities require a 4-year college degree plus experience to be qualified to deliver this service. In addition, the overall responsibilities have increased beyond the original scope of work.  

Currently, the Administration is working on the proposed NJ Budget for FY ’21. Please call the Governor’s

Office at 609.292.6000 or preferably by January 24, 2020 and tell them: 

“I want to leave a message for Governor Murphy. I am calling in support of the $13.2 million rate increase for Support Coordination plus a $6.6 million Medicaid match.  I feel strongly that the rate for Support Coordination is too low. It is important that agencies are able to hire and retain quality individuals. The current rate based on a high school diploma is not adequate to hire individuals with college degrees and experience that is now required. Support Coordination is too important to do poorly; time to right the rate. Thank you.”

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