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Support Coordination

What is a Support Coordination Agency?

A support coordination agency fills a significant role in the life of an individual with a disability, and for that person’s family as well. But what exactly is it? What does an agency do? The team at Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC, has put together this and future blog post s to answer those questions so that interested parties can make the right decisions for them based upon the information
Support Coordination

Welcome to the Disability Services and Advocacy, LLC News Blog

Hello and welcome to the blog for Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC. (DS&A). We are a support coordination agency in New Jersey that is dedicated to empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We work together with the individual and their family as a team. Our focus is to improve the lives of people with disabilities by assisting them in navigating the social service system and securing services through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and other agencies that support people with disabilities. Our internal team brings together a DS&A Support Coordinator (SC), SC Manager and Supervisor to support every participant and their family. This also includes working as a team with the individual’s circle of support and the organizations that support them.


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