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About Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC

Our mission is to provide people with disabilities, their families, and the organizations supporting them lifetime planning and support coordination services to effectively assist people with disabilities in leading happy and productive lives. We assist people with disabilities and their families with the following planning and support services in New Jersey:


We are proud to offer a unique resource to NJ families, our disability directory lists commonly used resources and links to websites supporting people with disabilities in the state of New Jersey.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right information, and we hope this directory will make your experience a little easier to navigate.











Life Planning is a coordinated and life long process of determining who a person with disabilities is,
what supports they need and how to access, use and structure personal, government, and family resources
to lead as happy, independent and productive life, as possible.


People with developmental disabilities, mental illness, brain injuries, serious physcial disabilities and seniors with disabilties, along with the families and organizations supporting them have the greatest need for life planning.


The first step in developing a support system for people with disabilites is to create an information profile of the person that can be easily shared with people trying to support the person with disabilities.

  • The Process
  • The Areas

People with significant disabilities need extensive supports that begin when the disability is diagnosed and often last a lifetime. Some disabilities begin at birth, while others are a result of an injury or illness later in life. As awareness of the needs of people with disabilities has increased society has significantly expanded the supports provided to people with disabilities.

However, unlike the education system, there are non-uniform eligibility requirements when accessing the Social Service system. The person with disabilities and their families must be aware of, apply and be approved for each specific service, inorder to secure the maximum supports. In addition, government can only do so much, and in an era of diminishing government resources, it is critical, that families effectively supplement the services of government with personal and family supports to insure their loved one has the resources to live a happy and productive life.

To effectively access government services and to supplement these services with family resources requires knowledge and planning. We have identified eight important lifetime planning areas that people with disabilities and their families need to address:

  • Care Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Employment, or Day Activity Planning
  • Accessing Government Services
  • Family Financial Planning
  • Family Legal Planning
  • Future Housing Planning

"We use our knowledge of the social service system to assist clients in finding the organizations that provide the services our clients’ need."

-Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC

There are federally sponsored programs, state based programs, county based services and even city and town based services. Some programs, such as, Medicaid are hybrid programs with federal requirements and partial funding but administered by the states through various state agencies. People are often unaware that Medicaid is not one program, but a variety of programs that are administered by various government agencies.

Disability Services & Advocacy, LLC offers Pro-Se Guardianship services to parents or family members wishing to become legal guardians for a person with disabilities in New Jersey. We also offer Pro-Se services to clients when they want to add or change Co-Guardians on previously approved Guardianship relationships.


Lifetime Planning and Services For People With Disabilities And Their Families


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