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Become a Support Coordinator

Disability Services & Advocacy is hiring Support Coordinators throughout the State of New Jersey who will serve DDD consumers in their market area.

Our agency is growing with the strong demand for high-quality Support Coordination Services. Full-time coordinators work 40 hours a week, require availability during the day and mid-day hours, with occasional flexibility to conduct appointments in the evenings and on weekends. They maintain a minimum caseload of 25 consumers to be built and increased at their manager's discretion. Total caseloads are to be determined by the Support Coordinator and not to exceed 50 consumers.

Part-time positions are available to parents of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the option of becoming full-time, providing an opportunity to learn and maintain knowledge of the DDD system in New Jersey. Part-time coordinators require availability during the morning hours with flexibility and maintain a minimum caseload of 15 consumers to be built over a 6 month period or less at their manager's discretion. Total caseloads are to be determined by the Support Coordinator and not to exceed 24 consumers.

Support Coordinator Responsibilities

Adhere to all the responsibilities required by the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) including:

  • Explaining to consumers and their families the new Fee-for-Service individualized budget system supporting people with developmental disabilities in NJ
  • Working with the person and family in creating a support and service plan that details: how best to support the person, defines the needed services and their cost while ensuring the plan is within their budget, selects providers that will implement the plan
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan with monthly phone contact, quarterly face-to-face visits, annual home visits, and subsequent reports
  • Adjusting the plan as needed to reflect the changing goals and needs of the consumer and or family
  • Assisting the person and family in successfully navigating the complex social service and provider system supporting people with disabilities in your market area
  • Effectively listen, communicate, and provide compassionate support to the consumer and their family
  • Learning and becoming comfortable discussing the financial and legal issues facing people with disabilities and their families including: Guardianship, Wills, and Special Needs Trusts
  • Inputting and updating all support activity as required by DDD and DS&A
  • Responding quickly (within 48 hours or less) to all requests for information from: consumers, their family, providers, DDD officials, and DS&A management regarding the consumers your serve
  • Effectively use technology in communication with consumers and preparing service plans and budgets
  • Represent DS&A in a professional manner upholding the values it represents

This is not an easy job and is not meant for all people. It requires discipline and a relentless problem-solving mentality, but your reward in improving the lives of people with disabilities can be boundless

Successful Support Coordinators Are

  • Effective listeners that can translate concerns into positive action
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills
  • Problem solvers and passionate in helping their consumers
  • Enjoy working with a wide variety of people and possess multicultural sensitivity
  • Adept at advocating for services and supports without alienating others
  • Enjoy working at a fast pace, prioritize needs, and meet deadlines
  • Self-disciplined and will do what is necessary to get the job done
  • Organized and have an attention to necessary detail
  • Comfortable making presentations to groups
  • Want to become experts in their field
  • Can multi-task to get the work done
  • Are comfortable with technology including Microsoft Office 365
  • Tenacious in reaching out and asking for help when needed
  • Positive and optimistic when helping others
  • Have excellent researching abilities and can navigate the disability system

Support Coordinator State of NJ Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in any subject
  • One year of direct experience with adults (18+) with developmental or intellectual disabilities including professional, volunteer, and family experience
  • Ability to pass fingerprinting, drug screening, and criminal background checks
  • Must have your own reliable transportation as regional travel is required

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous or current experience as a Support Coordinator
  • Bilingual, including American Sign Language
  • Resident of the State of NJ


Support Coordinators receive a rate of $154.88 for the creation of an ISP or attending an Exiting IEP Meeting. Support Coordinators also receive a guaranteed monthly rate of $154.88 per consumer supported with an approved ISP for monthly monitoring. Examples of annual caseload compensation are as follows:

$27,878.40 for 15 Consumers

$37,272.20 for 20 Consumers

$46,464.00 for 25 Consumers

$55,756.80 for 30 Consumers

$65,049.60 for 35 Consumers

$74,342.40 for 40 Consumers

$83,635.20 for 45 Consumers

$92,928.00 for 50 Consumers


  • Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance for Full-Time Employees
  • 401K with Partial Employer Matching
  • Monthly Travel & Toll Reimbursement
  • Annual Office Supply Reimbursement

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