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The Arc, Ocean County Chapter, Support Coordinator of the Year, 2023

Congratulations to Krystle Jeannot, who is recognized in the Ocean County community for her support of individuals with disabilities and the mission at The Arc!

Outstanding Community Advocate, DD Services, 2018

Congratulations, Zuleika (Zuly) Almanzar, on your selection as Community Access Unlimited's 2018 Advocate of the year for ID/DD members! 


For her, the process of getting to the right agency and the right coordinator has been an odyssey. She has been with four different Support Coordination Agencies and has had 12 different Support Coordinators. "People would start, and then they would quit," she said. "I would get phone calls, 'Hi, I am your new Support Coordinator' then a few weeks later, a new voice with the same message, 'Hi, I am your new Support Coordinator." The process took a lot of her time, and the paperwork errors made by inexperienced Support Coordinators caused her daughter to lose money in her budget. Today, her daughter receives Support Coordination Services through Disability Services & Advocacy. "They are very professional and accurate, and if I have a problem, they get answers for me right away. I am very pleased."  -People & Families, Winter 2017 

Service Testimonials

"We are extremely happy with the relationship we have developed with our Support Coordination Agency, DS&A, especially our Support Coordinator. She is accommodating, patient, and extremely compitent. Our experience with DS&A was always a positive one. When working with families and their loved ones with disabilities, there needs to be a certain level of compassion along with a wealth knowledge which I can truly say we received."

"I hope it's not too late to write up my comments about appreciating my Support Coordinator. She is very professional and covers all the details, and there are so many details to keep track of when filling out the adult program activities. She responds quickly to emails, phone calls, and texts so we feel that our son has a real advocate helping him (and us) through the process. Thanks again!"

"When my son turned the dreaded 21, I signed up with an agency that I thought had experienced and caring personnel. After a brief time, I signed onto another agency. My experiences with both seemed that a cursory phone call every 30 days and minimal contact was the extent of their involvement. My Support Coordinator is not that kind of case manager. Her genuine interest in my son’s growth and well-being come from a place that I often say cannot be learned but must be inherent in a person. She is an asset and member of our team, and I am lucky to have found her."

"This is a very good ISP. I know that putting elements in that represent a complete picture of our person is a new concept; however, those of us who have worked with this population know how important it is for everyone to know all the important information such as medications, behaviors, dietary issues, legal issues, family concerns, etc. Thanks for writing a comprehensive ISP! You are doing an awesome job as an Support Coordinator."


Names have been removed from these testimonials for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

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