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DSA Newsletter for April 2023

Residential, Day Program, and Support Coordinator COVID-19 Policy

An Executive Order 325 (see document attached below and download) was released early April.  This order directs that licensed community residences for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), certified day programs for individuals with IDD, and Support Coordinators are no longer required to maintain a policy requiring employees to provide proof that they are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination or otherwise submit to weekly testing.  As a result, the Division has updated its Residential, Day Program and Support Coordinator Covid-19 Policy (See attached document and download) to align with this new order.

Launch of the Access Link Rider’s Choice Pilot (ALRC)

Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot is the safe, easy, and flexible alternative to Access Link. The program offers Access Link customers the opportunity to allow Access Link to move some of their rides to transportation network companies. Access Link is starting with Lyft and Uber Spring of 2023.

You can Enroll Here

Important Information to Know about the ALRC Pilot:

  1. You must be a certified Access Link customer. For information on applying for Access Link service click here.

  2. Your EZ-Wallet account cannot have a negative balance.

  3. Joining the pilot program does not guarantee that any of your Access Link reservations will be moved to an Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot provider.

  4. ALRC pilot providers offer origin-to-destination service like Access Link.

  5. Right now, there is no limit to how many rides you can take with the transportation network companies in this pilot.

  6. The ALRC pilot providers will only travel within the service area, which is still ¾ mile from a local fixed route bus.

  7. ALRC pilot operators are not required to carry customer bags or luggage. They will assist with securing items, boarding, and exiting the vehicle.

  8. ALRC pilot operators will wait the same 5 minutes as the Access Link operators for customers to board and are not required to wait with a customer for a “hand-off” at their destination.

  9. You are free to express your preferred Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot provider, but there is no guarantee all your Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot rides will be serviced by your preferred provider.


DSA Hosting free, online Transitions Webinar

Disability Services and Advocacy is hosting a Webinar and Q&A session Thursday 4.27.2023, 7:30pm-9pm. 

Register here for more information on Transitioning from School age to DDD and the Adult Programs

Job Opportunities

Disability Services and Advocacy is hiring support coordinators in Northern New Jersey. If interested apply here:

Support Coordinators are to adhere to the responsibilities required by the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) including:

  • Explaining to consumers and their families the new Fee-for-Service individualized budget system supporting people with developmental disabilities in NJ
  • Working with the person and family in creating a support and service plan that details: how best to support the person, defines the needed services and their cost while ensuring the plan is within their budget, selects providers that will implement the plan
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan with monthly phone contact, quarterly face-to-face visits, annual home visits, and subsequent reports
  • Adjusting the plan as needed to reflect the changing goals and needs of the consumer and or family
  • Assisting the person and family in successfully navigating the complex social service and provider system supporting people with disabilities in your market area
  • Effectively listen, communicate, and provide compassionate support to the consumer and their family
  • Learning and becoming comfortable discussing the financial and legal issues facing people with disabilities and their families including: Guardianship, Wills, and Special Needs Trusts
  • Inputting and updating all support activity as required by DDD and DS&A
  • Responding quickly (within 48 hours or less) to all requests for information from: consumers, their family, providers, DDD officials, and DS&A management regarding the consumers your serve
  • Effectively use technology in communication with consumers and preparing service plans and budgets
  • Represent DS&A in a professional manner upholding the values it represents

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