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Our Management

President, William S. England

William England, Founder and President of DS&A, began his career with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as a Support Broker & Financial Planner in 2001. Working with families who have children with disabilities, he further served this population as a Support Broker with 23 consumers in DDD’s Self-Determination Initiative, the first attempt at individualized budgeting and privatized case management. Mr. England supported a variety of consumers including those with traumatic brain injury and severe medical and behavioral challenges. In 2013, DS&A became one of the first licensed Support Coordination Agencies in the new Fee-for-Service System which has grown into one of the largest state-wide agencies.   

Support Coordination Managers

Melissa Beyer, Northwest & Central Region

Melissa is a regional manager with a large territory. She began working at DS&A in 2018 as a Support Coordinator. Melissa has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her professional background working with the ID/DD population is in case management and human resources. Melissa enjoys going to concerts, music, a great cup of coffee, eating out, shopping, fashion, cosmetics, and getting her hair and nails done. In her free time, she loves baking, home improvement projects including DIY, interior decorating, being creative, and trying new restaurants and cafes. Tradition: buying a new Christmas tree ornament during family summer vacations. Melissa has green eyes like no one else in her family, all of whom she is very dedicated to.


Morgan Dooling, Lower Southern Region

Morgan D. is a regional manager of the southern-most counties. She began working at DS&A in 2021 as a Support Coordinator. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. Her professional background working with the ID/DD population is in case management and mentorship with supervisory experience. Originally from Maryland, she likes the Baltimore Ravens football and the Baltimore Orioles baseball. She enjoys visiting the mountains in western Maryland. Morgan loves the outdoors, going to the beach, physical fitness, and learning how to snowboard. Morgan was once a competitive "Power Lifter" and won medals for her superior strength. She describes herself as a foodie with interests in music, Greek mythology, and tattoo art. 

Keith Galley, Southern Region

Keith is a regional manager covering our fastest growing county, Camden. He began working at DS&A in 2018 as a Support Coordinator. He has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. His professional background working with the ID/DD population is as a Program Coordinator, having developed a department providing staff and services for adults living in the community. As a teen, Keith was a lifeguard for a special needs children's pool. Keith is a weather enthusiast, ritually watches Netflix shows, and organizes annual family reunions in western Pennsylvania, recently celebrating the 125th! He enjoys cooking, taking walks, and hanging out with "the poodle." Warning: Keith loves to gab and banter! 

Whitney Kammerer, Northern Region

Whitney is a regional manager assuming an additional role, supervision of Community Support Specialists. She began working at DS&A in 2017 as a Support Coordinator. Whitney has a Bachelor and Master of Arts in History, with concentrations in American History and Civil Rights, and completed additional coursework in Teaching. Her professional background working with the ID/DD population is in education, also having personal experience with family. Growing up in NJ, she later spent years living in and sojourning her beloved Appalachian Mountains. Whitney loves road trips, hiking, trail riding, fresh baked pies, consignment shops, and theology. She is also known for being a walking encyclopedia, homeschool teacher, and a hobby farmer.   

Laurie Maloney, Southern Region 

Laurie is the newest addition to our management team. Laurie began working at DS&A in 2017 as a Support Coordinator.  She has a bachelor’s degree in social work.  Laurie has many years of life experience working with the ID/DD population due to having twin sons with autism.  She moved her family from Utah to New Jersey in February of 2000 to give her twin sons the best possible resources and assistance that she could find.  Her sons began as DS&A clients in 2016 when they were aging out of the public school system.  Laurie was so impressed by her helpful and very knowledgeable support coordinator at DS&A that she also began working as a support coordinator.  Laurie has 3 sons and a daughter-in-law, Robert -29, Kristin –26, Dennis & William-28, and two rescue dogs who are pit bulls.  She’s also been happily married to Mike for 32 years.  Family is very important to her and she can frequently be spotted with her sons at events for those with special needs.  Family outings, hikes, trips to the Poconos, and NYC are also favorites.  Laurie helped her son William become ordained as a minister so he could officiate Robert & Kristin’s wedding in 2022.  She loves helping others to live their best possible lives. 


Morgan Reed, Shore Region

Morgan R. is a regional manager of her favorite place. She started working at DS&A in 2017 as a Support Coordinator. She has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, a Bachelor of Arts in History, and completed extensive coursework in Special Education. Her professional background working with the ID/DD population is in residential services and management. She also has personal experience with family and volunteering at a hospital. Morgan grew up "down the shore" and is a true Jersey Girl! She loves taking cruises, going to the beach, kayaking, fishing, and riding quads. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, puzzles, and gardening. Her favorite genre is comedy, and she loves eating sushi and ethnic foods without onions.

Support Coordination Supervisors

Joni Sampson, SCS Manager

Laura Belizaire

Sylina James

Jared Ross

Sabrina Torres


Community Support Specialist

Michelle Roberts



Daniel Altschuler, Information Technology Manager

Barbara England, Quality Control Director

Haley Frost, Human Resources Coordinator

Marina Grulke, Administration Coordinator 

Laura Shelly, Finance Manager

Alicia Thorp, Outreach Marketing Coordinator

Monitoring Tool Approvers

Karen DeLucia, MT Manager

Liz Barreiro

Haley Frost

Marina Grulke

Marianne Weir

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