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Training at Disability Services & Advocacy

During the hiring and on-boarding process, Disability Services & Advocacy Support Coordinators undergo extensive training to prepare for their position. Our agency requires new employees to have completed the following training prior to consumer assignments:

  • Overview of DS&A Database, Documentation, & Procedures
    • Virtual Office Technology
    • Employee Timesheets
  • Overview of DDD Database, Documentation, & Procedures
    • Mandatory Videos on the College of Direct Supports (39-42 Total)
    • 2 Day Support Coordination Orientation (Dates & Locations Vary)
    • iRecord Introduction & Provider Search          
    • NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJCAT)
    • Unusual Incident Reports (UIRs)
    • Preventing Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation (PANE)
    • NJ Individualized Service Plan & Person Centered Planning Tool (NJISP & PCPT)
    • Monitoring Tools (MTs)

New employees work closely with their assigned Support Coordination Manager who will conduct on-boarding DDD training and attend the first few intake meetings for newly assigned consumers. Our managers are there to provide all Disability Services & Advocacy Support Coordinators with assistance in several capacities such as trouble shooting, escalating unresolved issues to DDD, and general caseload oversight. Our Managers are the Quality Assurance unit of our agency. They perform monthly reviews with each of their assigned Support Coordinators, evaluations of their performance, and spot audits of their work. Support Coordinators will continue to work collaboratively with a Support Coordination Manager throughout their career, receiving both education and support.

Continuing Education Requirements

Our employees have several different opportunities to participate in training throughout their career which translates into Continuing Education. To be in compliance with DDD, our employees must complete Continuing Education Credits each year of their employment. Full-time employees must compete a minimum of 12 credits a year, and part-time employees must complete a minimum of 6 credits a year. There are a variety of avenues by which our employees complete required credits such as:

  • NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Bogg's Center on Developmental Disabilities
  • The College of Direct Supports
  • Provider Educational Seminars
  • Disability Services & Advocacy

At Disability Services & Advocacy we provide training throughout the year. We host conferences, webinars, and face-to-face training to ensure that our employees are in compliance with their Continuing Education requirements and are up to date with changes and additions to DDD policies and procedures. 

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